The upgraded version of the 121 Chinese medium tank, developed in the 1960s. Unlike the prototype, the 121B was equipped with a modern 105-mm rifled gun, improved suspension, and reinforced front armor. The vehicles of this modification were equipped with infrared lamps and a laser rangefinder. The 121B aiming system had a higher firing accuracy than that of the Type 59.

Environment shot was created in my spare time under the guidance of Vitaly Tsimkin (vagrantdi.artstation.com). Rendered in modo, post effects in adobe photoshop.

Game model.
Created under the guidance of our historical consultant Vladimir Moroz.
Tank is result of collaborative effort of me and Yuriy Loskutov aka http://polycount.com/profile/RAFSkyline
Yuriy created full low poly model with uv. After that we split the job. I completed turrets, guns and chassis, and Yuriy finished the hull.